Tshirt Winter Line Release

Winter Line is here and it’s a juggernaut.

4 new designs.

4 new ways to say I’m a science badass.


This year features an all-encompassing Nikola Tesla tshirt design with a vintage feel and look. It also has inventions and other symbols hidden throughout for the die-hard fans. A new classic.

The most conceptual piece perhaps is the farthest diversion in the .506 experience. The Double Slit Experiment tshirt may also prove to be one of the most iconic science t-shirts EVER CREATED… and super informative as well! This one will help you flex your quantum theory muscle at a party.

The Pythagoras quote that we’ve been shamelessly sporting as our motto for the season is simple yet has a nice ancient etching feel, very indicative of the mathematician’s time.

Finally, our classic Sierpinski Triangle design now on the back of a Digital Black Hoodie with mini fractal front print. This thing is sick and not too thick. The “digital black” and white spots pop brighter in certain areas of the design, and with the fractal depth and lining, this thing will keep you warm.

See them in detail:

All Things Are Numbers

((((It was with great gratitude this transmission was sent.))))



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