• Design: Dodecahedron
  • Description: Symbolism: With our opposed thumb and four finger, us humans are the best tool makers and thus, the only earthling adapted to explore the cosmos. We are capable of mostly great destruction as of now, but also we are the most gifted creators in the known universe. It is our ability to work together to make this happen, yet we are often isolated by our technology and that is why the human is presented alone, trapped inside it’s own creation. But there is hope… The human female is our greatest symbol of beauty and regeneration. It can be the embodiment of what we consider perfection, if there is such a thing. It is something to embrace. Also, she is seen in a Lotus meditation position to express her divine achievement of control. It is her greatest asset. When humans as a whole can find the balance and control over our minds and bodies as one, we will truly unlock the greatest wonders of the universe. One can only hope that by spreading the love and thirst for knowledge, we can achieve this in our lifetimes.

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