• Design: Geo Ley Lines
  • Description: Ley Lines make up a map of geometric straight lines spanning across the entire earth and happen to align with many significant ancient and geologic structures including the Great Atlantic Rift where tectonic plates shift most. The major lines actually create an icosahedron-dodecahedron dual shape and there are also significant historic and ancient sites at virtually all the points. The argument of random chance, or that one could plot points on a map for anything (including telephone booths in London) to find alignments is countered by the addition of folk-lore and tradition associated to ley-markers and through exhaustive research that has enabled predictions of locations of ancient tracks and ley-markers to have been later substantiated through archaeology. Another instance is St. Michaels Ley, aligned along the path of the sun on the 8th of May (The spring festival of St. Michael), which is therefore considered an astronomical alignment. Could it all be Pseudo-science? Discuss.
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