Where knowledge meets fashion.


Point 506 is a Houston-based indie clothing brand creating a unique t-shirt line blending complex, sometimes, impossible geometry with other intriguing artistic and scientific concepts. 

Our mission is simple; to clothe a general populous with intelligent designs that will inspire an engagement in the sciences.


.506 was founded around early 2011 by Vincent Fink and Tina Lara, two graphic designers who worked at the same print shop. Vincent left for better pay and found himself in a hostile work environment and had to walk out leaving himself with nothing…except a dream. Tina helped in every way make that dream a legitimate business and, starting with only a small run of 24 shirts, they have steadily worked without tire, pushing the investments like a snowball down a mountain growing with each sale. The company is a love affair between two designers who strive to flourish in their endeavors.

Client Work:

.506 designers have worked for over 15 years with clients such as NASA, MLB, Pro Golf, Harley Davidson, Union Ironworkers, Young Life, many bands, schools, businesses and churches.