Where knowledge meets fashion.


There’s no other brand like Point506. We are a Houston-based indie clothing brand combining popular science and maths into awesome designs printed on t-shirts that, unlike every other science-based t-shirt brand, will actually result in getting a 2nd date or at least not repelling others, 99.9% of the time. Statistically proven.

We are a classy science brand. This stuff is for cool nerds.

We take colossal concepts and distill them into mnemonic designs printed onto high quality, super comfy t-shirts that anyone can afford. It is perhaps the most effective way to share big ideas to the masses. We believe that you can spread the passion for science and still look amazing doing it. We also create tanks, hoodies, fashionable women’s wear, button ups, custom blazers, hats, coffee mugs, and more.

Our mission is simple; to clothe a general populous with intelligent designs that will inspire an engagement in the sciences.


.506 was founded around early 2011 by Vincent Fink and Tina Lara, two graphic designers who worked at the same print shop. After honing their skills in t-shirt design and art for several years Vincent and Tina joined together to combine their efforts and create something truly unique. Tina saw Vincent’s love for science and suggested they take this new brand in that direction. He would create the art and she would help with concepts and distribution of the final products. Since then, they have continued to put their heads together to expand on their line with famous scientists, experiments, geometry, and mind-bending illustrations. All drawings are done by the hand of Vincent. They are now setting out to expand the brand beyond it’s usual sphere of influence.

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Client Work:

.506 designers have worked for over 15 years with clients such as NASA, MLB, Pro Golf, Harley Davidson, Union Ironworkers, Young Life, many bands, schools, businesses and churches.

Clothing For The Mind