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Point 506 Clothing/Design

Larva Stage Visionary Art Sublimation

Larva Stage Visionary Art Sublimation

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"Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 2 of 4: Praise Lord Worm"

One night, with a sketch pad by his bed, point506 artist Vincent Fink dreamt his future and immediately awoke to record it. In his subconscious state, he saw the first completed piece that would establish his art career. This series became known as the Atlas Metamorphosis and continues to take us through the 4 stages of an other-worldly, gigantic god-like beetle's evolution. Each stage of its life cycle is accompanied by a new cultural empire or era of civilization.

This unisex top features a beautiful dye-sublimation process all-over print of the seminal piece that came from a lucid dream showing an ancient Chinese street celebration with crowds of people gathered as a palanquin, or man-drawn carriage encases the enormous larva called Lord Worm. Is this ruler malevolent or merciful? We will let you look hard into the tiny details of mythology to figure it out.

Dye-sublimation is a digital printing process that has no color limitations and therefore, not halftone dots for supreme detail. Sublimation does not fade over time, and the 100% polyester has a silky, athletic feel yet fit slightly large. We recommend for an athletic/tighter fit as seen in the photos to size down.

Model usually wears a Medium and is seen wearing a Small. For a more natural/loose fit, usual sizing is recommended.

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